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Billy Ray Cyrus Blames His Divorce On Hannah Montana Show

Country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus recently blamed his impending divorce on the popular Disney show Hannah Montana in an interview with GQ Magazine. The 49-year old singer said that the success of the Hannah Montana show “destroyed his family” and that he wished that “it had never happened.”

The family moved from Tennessee to Hollywood to film the Hannah Montana show, which debuted on March 24, 2006. Before the move, Billy Ray’s wife, Tish, had the entire family baptized together by their pastor at the People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Billy Ray said that he believes that his family “came under attack by Satan” during their time in California and blamed the Hollywood lifestyle for the corruption of Miley Cyrus and his marital problems.

Problems disciplining children can create tension between spouses. Billy Ray said that Hannah Montanas success caused a rift between Tish, Miley, and himself because he was unable to control Miley Cyrus’ behavior once she became famous and financially dependent. Billy Ray also said that he made the mistake of trying to be his daughter’s friend instead of her parent.

Billy Ray and his wife Tish filed for divorce in October. Profits from the Hannah Montana TV show will probably not be a large factor in any potential property division disputes because although Billy Ray plays Miley’s manager on the Hannah Montana TV show, he said that he was not actually her manager and did not profit from his daughter’s success.

Billy Ray called the filming of Hannah Montana’s last episodes “a disaster” and said that it was hard “going to work every single day knowing that my family had fallen apart.” Billy Ray said that he was worried for Miley’s safety and compared the family’s situation to those of Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith, and Michael Jackson.

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