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Online Cheatings Pit Falls Can Lead To Divorce

In our previous post we discussed the boon that one dating site experienced after 50,000 women were disappointed by their husbands on Mother’s Day. The website is dedicated to helping married couples have extramarital affairs but experts say that the internet is not a very discrete way to cheat on a spouse.

One expert said that online dating services are an easy way to get caught cheating, which can lead estrangement and a divorce. Using a dating site creates an online footprint that may be impossible to erase.

“You get caught on these sites because family computers are family computers,” the expert said. “Clearly Mother’s Day was not good for most of these women, and this was a place they are able to get the psychological gratification. It is emotionally cheating in the privacy of your home.”

The expert also told Fox News that it is impossible to know whether a person on the site is actually married. The website owner said about 30 percent of the women on the site are single and that only 10 percent of the men on the site are single.

“You never know what you get when you meet people online,” the expert said. “I think people are attracted to the allure of it. People are very much drawn to it on a psychological level. It also condones their behavior, because it is two-fold. The other person is ‘cheating,’ as well.”

The expert said that getting caught cheating will probably not impact the monetary award of a divorce. Adultery is often irrelevant as to whether a spouse will pay maintenance or alimony after a divorce.

“Even if someone screwed up the marriage and cheated, it still doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be able to get money,” she said. “You don’t financially punish someone for cheating.”

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