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New Jersey Housewives Star Teresa Giudice Quells Divorce Rumors

For several years New Jersey has been one of the most popular locations for reality TV shows. One of the most popular New Jersey-based reality TV shows is The Real Housewives of New Jersey which tracks the lives of several wealthy New Jersey women. Because the show focuses on New Jersey families, many family law issues such high net worth divorce and child custody frequently arise on the show.

High net worth divorces can be complex because divorce is both an emotional and financial separation. Experienced New Jersey family law attorneys know how divorce law can impact the assets of a high net worth couple. The asset division process is one of the most complicated areas of New Jersey divorce law and it is important that the asset division process is done deliberately to make sure that sophisticated assets are protected as much as possible.

The Real Housewives franchise has documented several high net worth divorces. Last season one of the members of the New Jersey-based Housewives cast was stuck with an oversized house that she was awarded in a divorce and struggled to make ends meet as the sole provider for her two daughters. The woman had to constantly ask her ex-husband for money because she had virtually no income and could not afford to keep up the expense of running her mansion.

Although the exact details of that divorce are unclear, the financial difficulties portrayed on camera illustrated the importance of appropriate asset division strategies that make sense for both spouses.

One of the breakout stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is Teresa Giudice. Giudice is known for her flamboyant fashion sense and extravagant spending habits. Divorce rumors have circulated since the new season began airing but Giudice recently quelled the divorce rumors in an interview.

“Joe and I are not getting a divorce. We aren’t separated; never have been,” Giudice said. “We are happily married. I love him as much as the day we got married. My kids are wonderful. I’m so blessed to have my beautiful family!”

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