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Father Vents Child Custody Anger On Now Prohibited Website

The Internet provides a medium for us to accomplish many things in a timely and efficient manner. It provides a forum for lots of us to share our ideas, feelings, and in the case of one father, his feelings about his divorce.

What we are about to cover is an out-of-state case, but it is worth sharing because of the national truth behind it. The Internet can get people into legal trouble when it comes to family law. Sometimes, an ex’s words can lose them child custody. Sometimes, they can lose him a business opportunity.

According to New York Daily News, one man dealt with the stress and frustration of his divorce via an online forum. He reportedly started a site called on which he began a community of exes that could share their feelings about divorce, their child custody battles and other emotional family law matters.

The so-called “Psycho ex-wife” didn’t like the site so much. And neither did her and her ex’s children. She wanted the site to be taken down, as it contained content about her that she feels was offensive. A judge ultimately agreed with the ex-wife and ordered an end to the site, which had become so popular that advertisers paid for space on it.

Based on the passion reportedly exhibited on the site, it isn’t surprising that the ex-husband in this case is fighting the judge’s decision. He and his attorney argue that prohibiting the site is a violation of free speech.

When it comes to the family aspect of this case, however, free speech seems to take a lower priority than one thing. The mother claims that her kids found out about what their dad wrote about her. She and the judge felt that the site was hurting the children.


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