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Anthony And Lopez Make Positive Example Of Divorce

Earlier this summer, the public was surprised to learn that the Latino lovebirds
Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were ending their seven-year marriage. While divorce and celebrities is not an uncommon combination, Lopez and Anthony seemed to have something going for them.

But maybe it is that something that will get them through their divorce and allow them to remain friends and business partners. ABC News recently aired an interview with Anthony, during which he revealed some details about his pending divorce from the current “American Idol” judge.

Whenever the divorce process is put in motion, it is natural for people to wonder why either someone or both parties decided that the marriage was over. Speculation surrounding that question following Anthony and Lopez’s divorce announcement has produced some scandalous theories, all of which Anthony denies.

Anthony insists that the reason for divorce is quite simple: The marriage stopped working. He refutes the rumors that he has been unfaithful and that his jealousy of Lopez’s career put strain on the marriage. “These things happen,” he says. They both agreed that the marriage was no longer what they wanted out of life.

Lopez has told sources, “I’m doing loving things for myself.” Divorce is often made out to sound like a failure or sign of weakness, even something ugly. But Lopez and Anthony are approaching the family law decision with positivity.

Anthony says, “We only have one life.” He suggests that life is too short for people to stay married out of mere obligation. He and Lopez will always love each other and have the friendship they had before they got married. They are friends, parents and business partners. “This is not a funeral,” he reminds the public.

Divorce is not a funeral. It doesn’t have to be the sad or negative process that some make it out to be. Sometimes celebrity divorces provide examples of how dramatic divorces can get. In the case of Anthony and Lopez, however, they are providing an example of how healthy divorce can be.


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