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Family Law Dispute Hits The Field For Mlb Player

No matter what, getting faced with the reality of certain family law disputes can be tough. But just imagine dealing with something as private as child support in a relatively public fashion — and right before you have to hit the mound as a professional baseball pitcher.

Red Sox player Erik Bedard was mere hours away from pitching against the Orioles last week when his personal life intersected with his professional one. The Red Sox lost the game that night. Perhaps that loss was related to tension created when Bedard was served with court papers related to a child support dispute.

According to the New York Post, it was quite an interesting scene when Bedard was faced with the child support documents. Not only did he get them right before playing a game, but the person who served him with the papers was sporting regalia of a fierce rival of the Red Sox. He wore a Yankees shirt.

Bedard reportedly cooperated with his ex’s requests for him to sign the child support papers. She wanted terms of the support modified due to an increase in Bedard’s salary. If a non-custodial parent’s income increases, then the custodial parent will often seek a child support modification through the family court. Or, if the non-custodial parent has a decrease in income, he or she will seek support modification in order to make lower payments.

Usually, the legal process regarding this sensitive family law issue is kept a bit more private compared to Bedard’s case. But no matter what, child support matters are about the children involved. If getting the papers served right before Bedard hit the mound was his ex’s most effective way to get the support she needs for their child, then perhaps the timing wasn’t so crazy. As for the Yankees shirt, sources don’t report that the ex had anything to do with that.


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