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New Jersey Father Loses Kids To Ex Wife And Japan Laws

Sometimes, certain lives are filled with so much sacrifice and hardship that the fairness of the universe has to be questioned. It’s uncertain whether one New Jersey father feels that way exactly, but it would be hard to blame him if he did.

The 26-year-old father of two is also an Iraq war veteran and currently serves as a sheriff in Bergen County. He’s a young man who has taken on important positions in his life, but his highest priority now is getting child custody back of his two kidnapped children. Who took them? Their mother.

Reports indicate that when the father returned from duty in Iraq, he was faced with the news that his wife wanted a divorce. They reached a joint child custody agreement, but that agreement apparently didn’t control the mother’s decisions regarding the New Jersey family for very long. She took the two kids to Japan, and the father is yet to have had his kids back in his custody since his ex so severely violated their child custody agreement.

Japan’s laws do not dictate that the father has any right to get his children back. U.S. advocates for parental rights have been fighting against that reality, but more parents other than this New Jersey father are still awaiting a necessary change in law that would force the supposed ally country to live up to the family law standards we have here.

The father hopes that the Obama administration will vigilantly work on this emotional issue. He says that when his ex took his kids, she actually took his “soul.” He wants it back.


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