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The Jersey Shore Kids Likely Have Lasting Marriages Ahead

There’s a saying that waiting is the hardest part, but when it comes to marriage, New Jersey statistics prove that it is worth the wait, at least for those who want to avoid divorce.

Some may guess that a more religious state, such as Texas, may have a lower rate of divorce, but it is New Jersey that has stepped in to claim the kitty. More people get married in Texas, but in New Jersey those who marry are least likely to get a divorce.

Sources attribute this surprising trend to the fact that the men and women in New Jersey tend to wait until they are a bit older before tying the knot. While the national average age for a woman’s first marriage is 26.5 and 28.4 for men, in New Jersey they wait longer, until age 28 for women and 30.2 for men.

The people of New Jersey have been waiting a while to grab their claim to fame. For a long time, many have seen New Jersey as an offbeat extension of New York City, like a Robin to New York’s Batman. More recently, New Jersey has been coming into its own on the reality TV circuit with shows such as Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, proving that they don’t have to stand in anyone’s shadow.

While these shows don’t always display the classiest examples of entertainment, it sounds like actual real Jersey residents know the secret to making their marriages last. It turns out a little patience can go a long way when it comes to marriage. So all of the Jersey Shore casts’ random dates might seem over the top, but getting their dating in now and waiting to marry could mean their unions will last longer than the average U.S. couple’s.


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