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Were There No More Fireworks In Katy Perrys Marriage

This New Year’s Eve, celebrities Katy Perry and Russell Brand were likely contemplating what happened to their young marriage. The couple was married only 14 months ago, and their supporters are now dealing with the surprise that divorce papers have been filed to end the high-profile marriage.

Both Perry and Brand are being relatively quiet about the split, though he reportedly confirmed the divorce rumors last Friday. He said that their marriage is ending but that he and Perry will remain on friendly terms. That’s easy to say now, but will the supposed lack of a prenuptial agreement make keeping this split amicable a difficult task?

According to sources, the court papers that Brand filed last week insinuate that the duo never created a prenuptial agreement. This is a somewhat surprising detail, being that wealthy celebrities will often take the wise precaution to protect their assets. In this situation, Perry likely has the most in assets to protect. Will she end up regretting that she didn’t get a contract signed?

As for the reason behind the split, the papers say that “irreconcilable differences” have inspired the divorce decision. But what those differences are is up for mere speculation at this point. One theory is that Brand doesn’t like Perry’s party lifestyle. Another theory is that the couple never got to spend much time together during their marriage due to their careers. They grew apart.

We will continue to follow this celebrity divorce story and post an update when there are new developments.


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