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Actress Sees The Silver Lining In Divorcing Young

Olivia Wilde, whom New Jersey residents would know from her work on the hit television show “House,” recently got divorced from her husband at age 27. But instead of complaining about it, the actress recently said there are benefits to getting divorced at a young age. Her thoughts might be helpful to young New Jersey residents who are reconsidering their decision to get married.

Wilde said that while getting divorced was not fun, and, indeed, that she felt “wobbly” immediately after the split, her divorce taught her that there is “no schedule in life” and that people are free to be themselves and be honest about their feelings and actions. Wilde and her former husband married when she was 18, so she felt like she never got to experience living a single, adult life.

She said she also learned self-reliance from the experience and believe she is now a better actress because she has tapped into new personal strength. You’re probably not an actress, of course, but Wilde’s message — that finding out you can lean on yourself when times are tough — could translate to increased confidence and determination in just about any profession.

None of this is to minimize the process of divorce. Filing for divorce is a big step and should never be taken lightly. Rather, Wilde’s comments should demonstrate the idea that getting a divorce does not have to be traumatic and troublesome. For some people and in some circumstances, it can be the right thing.

Source: People Magazine, “What Olivia Wilde Says is ‘Good’ About Getting Divorced Young,” Liz Raftery, Feb. 2, 2012