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Before Spending 150000 To Decorate Man Should Have Owned Home

A sci-fi fan decorated his home like the Star Ship Enterprise, then later refitted it to the Voyager. He started the project in 1997. He even has a mock transporter and a snap-on panel to cover the microwave panel so that it looks like part of the spaceship.

When the man retrofitted his home into a galaxy class star ship, he didn’t plan that he would have to leave it because of a divorce. The home is not in his name but in his wife’s name. He has been separated from his wife since 1994. The wife wants to sell the home, which means that the man would have to leave his star ship behind. It’s time to jump in the transporter to be transported to another home … without his “life’s work,” as he refers to his creation.

The man claims that it would cost about $150,000 to decorate another home in the same manner. Chances are that won’t happen, as sources reports that he was going to file bankruptcy in 2006 over the money spent on renovations. The man had hoped to start a business to transform others’ homes into a galaxy class space ship.

On the man’s web site, he refers to himself as a “24th century interior designer.” He says that instead of spending money down at the local bar, he invested it in “his” home. He probably should have bought the home from his wife before he made such an investment. Or maybe he should have transported himself out of her home into a new place before he decided to transform his home into the Star Trek Enterprise and Voyager.

Source “Divorce forces man to beam out of ‘Star Trek’ home,” Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, Jan. 26, 2012