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Did Your Valentines Day Inspire Romance Or Divorce

Today is the day after Valentine’s Day, and a report begs an interesting question. Did the holiday leave you all warm and fuzzy inside? Or did it prove to you something a bit less romantic? Are the sparks in your marriage gone?

According to research, there is more to February than the holiday of chocolates, flowers and love notes. More divorces take place in February than in other months of the year, a point that surprises many with romantic ideals of the month.

Sources do identify this month as a popular month for divorce, but the reasons behind the trend are not so clear. Clearly, people get divorced for various reasons, making trying to pin this trend on any one theory quite difficult.

However, there are theories related to divorce and why splits officially occur at certain times of the year. It’s believed that many of the unhappily married will time their divorce based on holidays.

It doesn’t sound like fun to divorce during the big holidays in November, December or January. And when Valentine’s Day is over, then there’s a break from the big holidays that might make the timing to divorce seem right. Also, if a couple was unable to spark the romance and feelings that they wanted on Valentine’s Day, then that can be enough to push someone out of the door.

Deciding to divorce is often a difficult decision, no matter what time of the year. But that brave step can mark the beginning of a life where each and every day could feel like a holiday, free from the unhappiness of an unwanted relationship.


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