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Dont Forget About College Costs During Divorce Process

The list of points to cover during a divorce can seem daunting. But because divorce is about more than just a couple splitting up, parties should be prepared to address various family law complexities before finalizing their split.

There are the factors involving children to address, including child custody and child support. There are the factors involving money, including spousal support and property division. And then there is the category of issues involving children and money, meaning who will pay for what. Most specifically, how will your child’s college be paid for?

The Huffington Post suggests that college is a financial aspect of divorce that parents should not forget to agree on. If the parents agree that they want to pay for their child’s college, then they need to put in the extra work to decide how the costs associated with school will be covered.

Do the parents believe that their child will need financial aid in order to afford school? If so, it might be wise for the parent who earns less income to have primary custody of the child. They could get a more significant loan in that case. However, financial aid should not be the sole reason behind a custody arrangement. The most fit parent should have custody of the child.

In the divorce contract, parents might want to plainly state some of the following ideas: how much they are willing to pay for school and for how long, what percentage of tuition each parent will pay, who will pay for books and supplies and who will pay for room and board.

Just like any family law matter, especially concerning money, this is a complicated subject. A divorce attorney and financial professional whom you trust should help you through the planning process regarding college costs. Every family and financial situation is unique and deserving of individual attention.

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