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Halle Berry Will Use Paparazzo To Argue Child Custody Case

For the most part, we tend to hear how so many celebrities, especially those with children, are sick of photographers hounding them. They seek homes with the utmost privacy. They can’t go to the grocery store or the park on the weekends without paparazzi snapping photos of them and their family.

In a previous child custody post about celebrity Halle Berry, we mentioned how she thinks the paparazzi make raising a child here in the states an unhealthy situation. Since we shared that post, Berry was caught on camera arguing with a paparazzo outside of her child’s school. Now, that target of Berry’s rage could help support the star’s child custody request.

As we mentioned in the past post about the Oscar-winning actress and her model ex-boyfriend, Berry is in a new relationship. She’s engaged to fellow actor Olivier Martinez and wants to spend the majority of their time with Berry’s daughter in France.

Europe has more protective laws compared to the U.S. regarding paparazzi taking photographs of children. In fighting over who gets custody of a child, parents and the court must focus on what is in the best interests of the child. Berry hopes that by putting the paparazzo on the stand and asking him about what he would do to get a photograph of a celebrity’s child, she can prove how unhealthy the environment is here in the U.S. for her daughter.

Berry and Aubry have not easily come to agreements during their child custody and support issues. It is likely that Berry’s new tactic of putting the photographer on the stand won’t go far to persuade Aubry to give up his fight to hold on to as much time with his daughter as possible. But will her strategy ultimately convince the court?

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