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Is Kim Hiding Ferrari From Kris In Divorce Process

For the amount of time that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were together, their contested divorce is sure dragging on. The young celebrities are not exactly the picture of an amicable divorce, and now the New Jersey Nets player wants a specific answer about what he claims is community property between the estranged celebs.

Just because Kim and Kris weren’t married long does not mean that they didn’t accrue marital assets during their union. They had a wedding, a wedding that the whole world couldn’t escape from, and they received gifts just like most other couples do. To be fair, Kim and Kris received some pretty fancy, valuable presents that the average wedded couple doesn’t get.

One of those high value items, according to Kris, is a white Ferrari that he and Kim reportedly got from a Malaysian businessman. Kris wants to find out where the Ferrari is and what Kim has done with it. He insists it was a gift to them both, and his concerns regarding the whereabouts of the sports car suggest that he thinks Kim is not being straightforward or fair about property division.

Kim has wanted to keep their divorce out of the courts. She supposedly offered Kris a hefty financial settlement to try to end the process and move on. But Kris has pushed on to try to get the truth out of Kim and get out of the split with what he believes he deserves, both in terms of money and Kim’s public admission that their marriage was a stunt on her side.

Fox Sports reports that formal divorce proceedings including interviews with each party will occur in June. That means we will likely revisit this celebrity divorce at that time, as it is sure to produce some more juicy developments.

Source: Fox Sports, “Humphries may get Ferrari in divorce,” May 10, 2012