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Will Halle Berry Agree To Support Requests To Move On From Split

When Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry was with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, it was no surprise that their pregnancy led to a beautiful child. A child couldn’t keep the pretty couple together, however, and they parted ways romantically in 2010.

Even though time has passed, Berry and Aubry remain entwined. They may have never gotten married, but the child that connects them has moved each of the parents to put up a fight in a family law court related to child support and child custody. It hasn’t been an agreeable, friendly process between the two celebrities.

And now another celebrity has entered the high-drama mix. Since her breakup from Aubry, Berry has moved on with another beautiful partner, Olivier Martinez. The couple is engaged, but that new start together isn’t starting with all roses due to Berry’s continuing family law battle with Aubry.

The newest report about the celebrity squabble is that Aubry wants a significant amount in financial support from Berry. He’s officially requested that Berry pay $20,000 a month in child support and that she also pay his legal fees that have added up during their family law battles. The judge has not yet ruled on the matter.

Another point of debate between Aubry and Berry is where their daughter will be located. Martinez is from France, and sources report that Berry would like to bring her daughter there to live when she’s not working in the states. She argues that France would be in the child’s best interest due to the stress of the paparazzi and media scrutiny here in the states.

Since the parents can’t seem to agree on what’s in their daughter’s best interest, that job will be left up to the judge.

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