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Amidst Child Support Fight Celeb Also Dealt Restraining Order

Dennis Rodman, former NBA player, is not known for any squeaky clean image. His history wouldn’t classify him as a very family friendly figure. If he wants to move past a couple of legal hurdles he’s currently facing, then he might want to work on his reputation.

Reuters reports that Rodman has recently become subject to a restraining order filed against him by his ex-wife. They have two children together that are in the mother’s custody, and she is suing her celebrity ex for child support that he’s allegedly failed to pay.

The next hearing regarding child support will occur in October, wherein Rodman and his attorney will argue that the calculations about the child support are wrong. He insists that he doesn’t owe the $800,000 that his ex claims she’s owed. It won’t be until this court hearing or after when the issue of the restraining order will be addressed further.

Rodman’s ex requested and was granted the restraining order after an incident in May, when she reported that her ex showed up at her apartment door and acted in an aggressive and drunkenly manner. The court agreed more recently to prolong the effectiveness of the restraining order, leaving Rodman not only creating a fight against the child support issue but the restraining order as well.

It is one thing to have a bad reputation, but it is another to actually engage in bad behavior. If Rodman is failing to pay child support, his ex has every right to go after him for what their family is owed. If Rodman has fallen behind because he can’t afford to pay the amount of the current agreement, then he has legal options that he should exercise before simply neglecting to pay.

Source: Reuters, “Rodman’s ex-wife keeps restraining order against former NBA star,” Dana Feldman, June 22, 2012