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Tomkat Divorce Did Prenup Help Contribute To Speedy Resolution

Unless you can find someone who has been living under a rock for the past month, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of the recent divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – which is arguably the most high profile divorce of the year.

Although the abruptness of the TomKat divorce surprised many, the speed at which they settled their divorce has surprised many more. So fast in fact, that the two announced they had reached a divorce settlement a mere 11 days after Holmes had originally filed for divorce.

As anyone who has gone through a messy divorce can tell you, divorces are emotionally charged events where former couples often fight over issues such as spousal support and property division for months – in some cases, years! So this begs the question, how in the world did TomKat hammer out theirs in only 11 days?

Well, there are probably a few reasons that this particular divorce went so smoothly, but possibly one of the contributing factors was Cruise and Holmes had entered into a solid, airtight and well drafter prenuptial agreement before they originally tied the knot – which many have speculated was in fact the case.

Discussing prenuptial agreements is important before entering into any marriage, especially if you have children from a prior marriage or own a business. Although it can be a difficult topic bring up, it is often vital to set expectations if the marriage were to unexpectedly end – which if speculations were correct, worked superbly in the Cruise/Holmes divorce.

Source: Fox News, “Experts: Katie Holmes’ media strategy, plus a prenup, probably behind TomKat’s quickie divorce,” Hollie McKay, July 10, 2012

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