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Husband Of Missing Mom Not Being Helpful

Police are frustrated that the husband of a woman who disappeared on her way to New Jersey does not seem to be cooperating. The woman filed a request for a protection-from-abuse restraining order against her husband on February 19, claiming that he pushed her and broke her phone when she tried to leave the family home. The order was later dismissed. It was not clear whether the dismissal was requested by the woman or ordered by a judge.

On April 19, the 30-year-old mother of two left home to visit friends living in Newark. Her husband reported that she had intended to leave her vehicle at home and take public transportation to reach her destination. He became concerned only after she failed to pick their children up from school on April 22. She was also to start a new job but did not appear. Her husband reported her missing the following day. The friends confirmed that the woman was supposed to visit them, but claimed that they had not heard from her since April 18.

Police report that the husband was initially helpful in the investigation. However, recently, he has refused to cooperate and hired an attorney. The man has left the family home and moved with the children to New Jersey. Through his attorney, the husband has denied any involvement in his wife’s disappearance.

Any person who is faced with a controlling and abusive spouse has a right to seek legal assistance. An attorney may be able to help with getting a protective order and, if necessary, could take steps to get the order enforced. A divorce attorney may also be able to file for divorce to sever the legal relationship with the abuser.

Source: Huffington Post, “Melissa Ortiz-Rodriguez Missing: Police Frustrated With Husband Of Pennsylvania Mom“, David Lohr, June 06, 2013