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Private Investigators In Family Law Cases

In many instances, the use of a private investigator can be helpful to successfully resolve a family law case.  Examples of situations in which a private investigator may be helpful are as follows:

1.  You pay alimony and your ex-spouse is cohabiting with another individual and is in a romantic relationship, and you need proof as to the amount of time that the two of them are spending together, which may help reduce your alimony obligation, or terminate it altogether;

2.  Your spouse or ex-spouse is claiming that he or she is out of work, but he or she is working, perhaps for an employer who does not issue a pay-stub or pays in cash, and you need to document the amount of time that your spouse or ex-spouse spends at work to prevent a reduction in support;

3.  You believe your spouse, ex-spouse, or the parent of your child is an alcoholic or is abusing illegal drugs, and you need to document the locations to which that person is traveling;

4.  You believe that your spouse has a bank account in a foreign country, and you need someone to track down the account.

We routinely work with private investigators to make sure that you are prepared to resolve your case, or to present your case to a judge in the family courtroom.