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Financially Prepare For Your Divorce

A Note From Our Colleagues in Financial Planning:

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

“Ready, Aim, Fire” is a lot more effective than “Ready, Fire, Aim”, wouldn’t you agree? So preparing for the financial aspects of the divorce is not only smart, it is crucial. Decisions you make now or in the heat of the moment, can affect the rest of your life, and in many cases, the lives of your children. Educating yourself on your present and future financial health will empower you to be a stronger player and will assist your attorneys in representing you in the most cost effective manner.

In a mediation oriented divorce, this will help both parties establish a fair and equitable distribution in the most cost effective way. In a litigated divorce process, it will not only ensure that you are armed with the understanding of your present and future financial health, it will give you and your attorneys the visual aids to assist them in representing you both orally and visually for the best possible outcome.

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