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Ushers Ex Wife Claims His Status Helped Him Win Custody

New Jersey residents might be interested to hear that the child custody battle between Usher and his ex-wife has reportedly reignited after their son had a near-drowning accident in a swimming pool while under Usher’s care. In 2012, Usher was granted primary custody of their two children, but according to his ex-wife, Usher’s ‘status” played a role in the court’s decision last year.

Usher’s ex-wife alleged that wealthy men seem to be winning child custody cases, but that is ironic that they’re doing so because they are very busy men who don’t have the time necessary to devote to their children. His ex-wife filed for an emergency child custody hearing after the swimming pool accident, but the judge ruled that the accident did not qualify as an emergency situation in which the children should be removed from Usher’s care. However, Usher’s ex-wife states that she is not letting that judge’s decision stop her in her battle for custody of the children.

According to the children’s mother, there is nothing like the care of a mother. She feels that the children are not getting proper care under Usher’s family members and other caregivers that he provides the children. Additionally, Usher is reportedly filing to reduce the amount of child support that he pays her each month. According to his ex-wife, things were good between them until he decided to file for full custody of the children after they broke up.

A family law attorney may be able to help parents who are seeking to have their child support or child custody orders modified. Family law attorneys may be able to help advise people on the appropriate motions to take to win custody of their children. An attorney might also help them present evidence to the court that proves their motions are in the best interest of the children.

Source: ABC News, “Tameka Raymond: Usher’s ‘Status’ Helped Him Win Custody“, Luchina Fisher, August 15, 2013