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Podesta Alleges Misconduct In Divorce

In some New Jersey divorce cases, allegations are made that one party has acted improperly during the course of the marriage. Such was the case for the Podestas, who announced their pending divorce on April 3.

Tony Podesta, who is the brother of John Podesta who served as Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff, filed paperwork in court seeking a divorce from his lobbyist wife. Although the two had announced an amicable split in 2013, and Podesta still says that he has respect and affection for his wife, he claims that his wife misled him. According to court documents, Podesta is alleging that his wife has attempted to harass and embarrass him.

His allegations are based on his claims that she has contacted prestigious art museums and asked them not to accept donated works of art from him. He amassed a large art collection before the two were married 11 years ago. Additionally, he says that his wife changed the locks on their apartment in Italy. Furthermore, he says that his wife misled him about the possibility of their reconciliation, prompting him to put down half of a large down payment on a multi-million dollar home for year in 2013. However, he claims that his wife was actually pursuing a relationship with another man. Both of the Podestas are professional lobbyists. However, Tony Podesta established his company before his wife did. He credits himself as the reason for her professional success.

The Podestas were not able to reach an agreement regarding the distribution of their marital assets. Some spouses who are in the process of getting a divorce seek the assistance of a family law attorney. This step may help them reach an agreement on how to divide their assets.

Source: The Washington Post, “Tony Podesta divorce filing: wife Heather Podesta tried to ‘embarrass and harass’“, Emily Heil, April 03, 2014