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Former Governor Of New York Awards Ex Wife Settlement

A former governor of New York and his ex-wife have finally reached a divorce settlement approved by the courts. Eliot Spitzer will reportedly pay $7.5 million to his ex-wife Silda due to a post-marital agreement. She will be rewarded an annual alimony of $240,000 unless she remarries and will also receive paid living expenses including a housekeeper and health care. In addition, she will retain the family home and have $100,000 annually to donate to the charities of her choice.

After the highly publicized 2008 scandal connecting Spitzer to a prostitution ring, speculations swirled that Silda had finally tired of supporting her husband. Despite remaining by his side for the duration of the incident, the couple filed for divorce in January 2014.

Photos were reportedly leaked in Dec. 2013 that showed Spitzer’s alleged romantic connection to a former campaign spokeswoman although it is unclear as to the effect that this information had on the couple’s decision to separate. Eliot and Silda did not comment publicly on their breakup after a 26-year marriage. However, reaching an agreement regarding the division of property was reportedly a struggle as the couple attempted to negotiate the high-asset divorce. The couple has three adult daughters together.

For both high-profile and average couples, the validity of their marital agreements may still come into play during a divorce. A family lawyer might be able to help a client enforce the conditions of a postnuptial agreement and negotiate a favorable outcome in a high-asset divorce case.

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