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Why Actress Kelly Rutherford Lost Custody Of Her 2 Children

Morristown NJ Child Custody AttorneysNew Jersey parents who are going through a child custody dispute might have heard about actress Kelly Rutherford losing her children. For the past few years, the actress’s two children, ages 6 and 8, have been living with their father in Monaco after his U.S. visa was revoked.

However, there are reports that Rutherford’s actions led to her losing primary custody of her children. Rutherford has reportedly been attempting to sever any relationship that the father has to the children. This has ranged from Rutherford refusing to tell her former husband about the birth of their second child and not naming him as the father on the child’s birth certificate. It has also been alleged that Rutherford was a source that led to her ex-husband’s visa being revoked. This led to several years of Rutherford flying out of the country to visit her children since the father could no longer come back to the United States.

When a child custody dispute is occurring and the adults involved cannot come to an agreement, the courts must determine what is in the child’s best interests. One factor that is often heavily weighed is whether or not one parent supports a relationship with the other parent. Courts often side with the parent that helps foster a relationship over a parent who attempts to interfere.

There are also other factors that can help the courts make decisions for children when it comes to child custody disputes. If the children are older, their wishes may be taken into consideration. The court may also consider the stability of the home environment and the mental and physical health of both parents. If there is allegation of abuse or neglect, an attorney may help provide evidence that either substantiates those claims or that demonstrates that the allegations are unfounded.