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Man Fighting To Get Child Returned From Brazil

Morris County NJ Child Custody AttorneysPeople in New Jersey may have heard about the heartbreaking international child custody case in which a Texas father is fighting for the return of his son from Brazil. Reportedly, the man’s ex took the child two years ago to Brazil and never came back.

According to reports, the father saw his son daily when the child lived in Texas. In 2013, the mother took the child to Brazil, ostensibly to attend a wedding. Authorities report that she altered or forged some documents in order to take the child there. After arriving in Brazil, the woman filed for full custody and applied for a job. She told the man she was never coming back to the U.S.

The child is now 3 years old, and the father, who was given only very limited custody rights, says the child has a difficult time understanding English, causing communication problems. Courts in both Texas and Brazil have agreed that the mother took the child to Brazil illegally. The Brazilian courts, however, ruled that the child should still stay there because he is adjusted to living in that country. The man is hoping that President Obama will intervene. He has applied for relief under the Hague Convention.

The Hague Convention is in place to help return children to their home countries when they have been abducted internationally. It is important for parents to seek their child custody rights so they have them on paper. This can help to protect them if the other parent attempts to abduct the child and take them to a different country. People who need help with child custody matters may want to consult with a family law attorney. An attorney may help them secure child custody and visitation rights.

Source: CBS News, “Dad battles for custody of son, says ex-wife illegally abducted him,” Nov. 17, 2015.