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What Your Divorce Attorney Needs to Know

Morris County NJ Divorce AttorneyEvery divorce is different, and can often involve stressful and sometimes embarrassing private matters. When going through a divorce however, it is critical that your Chester divorce attorney is kept fully informed, no matter how difficult it may be to discuss your family’s private business. As hard as it may be to discuss certain things like affairs or abuse with your attorney, they can have a massive impact in how different divorce matters are resolved, including child custody, child support, alimony, and division of marital assets.

Remember, anything you tell your attorney is protected under attorney-client privilege (unless you are planning on committing a crime or lying under oath), so if there is something your Mendham divorce attorney needs to know, make sure they do!

Affairs and Divorce Morristown NJ

If you are having an affair, or have had an affair, it is critical that you disclose this information to your Morristown divorce attorney. Your spouse’s attorney will almost certainly hire a private investigator if your spouse at all suspects you of cheating, and if they surprise your divorce lawyer with this information it can be devastating to your strategy and eventual divorce settlement.

Conversely, if your spouse is having or has had an affair, or you suspect that to be the case, as embarrassing as it can be to tell another person about it, it is important that your Chatham divorce attorney is aware of the situation. Its possible that your spouse spent marital money on the affair, money which by rights should have been split with you in your division of asset agreement. Your attorney can help you to track how much money has been spent, and help you to recover it, and potentially secure a more favorable divorce settlement agreement.

Domestic Abuse Parsippany NJ Divorce Lawyers

Living in an abusive relationship can be terrifying, and it can be difficult for the abused party to talk about their situation with even close friends and family members. No matter how difficult it may be to discuss your experiences, it is crucial that your Chatham divorce attorney is aware of the abusive situation. They can help you take the necessary steps to ensuring your safety throughout the divorce process, and if necessary obtain a restraining order. They can also recommend alternative methods for serving your spouse with divorce papers or meeting for negotiations with your protection in mind. They can also recommend important resources like counselors, shelters, and a variety of different organizations which provide help and support in cases of domestic abuse.

There is also the possibility of a civil lawsuit to recover damages for medical expenses and physical and emotional pain and suffering should you wish to proceed with one.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Roxbury Divorce

As difficult as it may be to discuss with your Roxbury divorce attorney the fact that you have either contracted or possibly passed a sexually transmitted disease to your spouse, it is critical that they are aware of the situation. Similar to domestic abuse, if your spouse has given you an STD because of an extra-marital affair, you may be entitled to monetary compensation as part of your divorce settlement for medical expenses and pain and suffering. If you believe you may have passed an STD to your spouse, your attorney needs to know so they can take the proper steps towards protecting you, and making sure your spouse’s health isn’t compromised

DYFS and DCP&P Involvement Can Affect Your Bergen County Divorce

If at any time, DCP&P (formerly DYFS) was called in to assist your family and an issue regarding abuse or neglect of a child, your Bergen County divorce attorney needs to know. Whether the matter was an investigation that found nothing or DCP&P provided your family service for a time then closed its case, you do not want this information to be a surprise to your attorney, or the judge. It is possible the divorce court will want to speak with the DCP&P in order to get a recommendation regarding child custody and parenting time, and if your attorney is aware of the situation, they can help you to ensure your parental rights are protected rather than being surprised by the information, and possibly losing parenting time or child custody because of it.

Hidden Assets and Debts in a Mendham Divorce

One final thing your Mendham divorce attorney should always be aware of is if you or your spouse is hiding assets or debts. Courts and attorneys are extremely adept at finding hidden information and assets, whether it be through depositions, investigation with experts, or subpoenas. If you are discovered to be hiding assets or debts from the financial disclosure process of your divorce, you can face severe repercussions including financial sanctions and perjury charges, a federal crime. Conversely, if you believe your spouse to be hiding assets or debts, discuss this issue with your Mendham divorce attorney in order to begin the investigation process, and make sure your divorce settlement is one that is fair to you.

The bottom line is that hiding assets, no matter how valuable they may be, will almost always cost you more in the end than if you had just declared them from the start.

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At The Law Office of Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, we have extensive experience helping clients in towns like Roxbury, Chatham, Mendham, Parsippany, and Morristown with all of their divorce-related issues.

We are not here to judge you and your family, we are here to help you through the divorce process, and secure the best possible divorce settlement which accounts for your unique needs and interests, and protects your financial and parental future. No matter what issues you and your family may have gone through, we are here to help.

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