How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Morris County NJ Divorce AttorneysUnderstandably, one of our Morris County divorce clients’ main concerns is that of the cost of their divorce. Unlike personal injury law for example, where most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, New Jersey Court Rules prohibit divorce attorneys from charging their clients in such a fashion.

This means that divorce attorneys instead need to charge clients for their time, and when it comes to divorce, it is impossible to know from the onset how much time it will take to resolve any divorce. Of course, there are several factors which do determine how long a divorce will take, and retainer fees are generally based on a rough estimate of these factors and their impact on the time and cost of your divorce.

So while we cannot give you an exact answer of how much your divorce will cost in terms of legal fees, either now or when you meet with us in a free and confidential consultation regarding your divorce, we can describe for you the factors which usually determine how long a divorce will take to resolve, whereby you may be able to make your own rough time and cost estimation for your divorce.

Chester, NJ Divorce Alternative Attorneys and “Your Chosen Method of Divorce”

One of the first things you will need to decide when pursuing a divorce is what kind of method you and your spouse will pursue in order to resolve your divorce and its related issues of child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of assets.

Some methods such as mediation, arbitration, and collaboration tend to result in a significantly quicker final divorce settlement agreement, but are not always possible based on you and your family’s circumstances. Or, it may be the case that certain issues can be resolved through one of these divorce alternatives or through negotiation, while others instead need to be litigated in court.

The more litigation that is needed during your divorce, the more time it will likely take, and the greater the expense to you will be.

Harding, NJ Divorce Lawyers and “The Complexity of Your Family’s Finances”

Another key determining factor when it comes to how long it will take to resolve your divorce (which in turn affects its cost) is how complex your family’s financial situation is. For example, if you have a family business or private enterprise, it is critical that you accurately determine its value, and then divide the value of this business and potentially its assets in a fair and reasonable manner as part of your division of asset agreement. Other families may need to account for things like commercial properties or vacation homes, retirement funds such as 401ks, and other complex assets.

Not only will these complex assets affect your division of asset agreement, many times they also play a role when deciding alimony and child support as well. The bottom line is that the more complex your family’s finances, the more important it is to accurately and thoroughly take them into account during your divorce, which can easily affect how long your divorce will take to resolve and accordingly, its cost.

Chatham, NJ Divorce Law Firm and “Your Spouse’s and Their Attorney’s Reasonableness and Positions”

If your spouse and their divorce attorney are asking for things which clearly are not in your own best interest, or things which can adversely affect your long-term finances or relationships with your children, it can take much more time to find solutions which are fair to you than if your spouse was taking a more reasonable position to start with.

On the other hand, there may be things that you feel like you deserve or need as part of your Chatham divorce settlement agreement which your spouse refuses to accord, again something which will take more time to resolve than if you had been in agreement from the beginning.

You and your spouse’s initial demands and positions, and their reasonableness to the other party will also play a large role in how long it takes your divorce to be resolved, and of course, how much it will cost.

Mendham, NJ Divorce Attorneys and “Cooperation and Conduct during Divorce”

Finally, you and your spouse’s willingness to cooperate, and act in a good-faith manner during your divorce will play a large role in how long your divorce takes to resolve, and how much it will cost in terms of legal fees.

If you or your spouse has “an axe to grind”, or some other reason to purposely be difficult and contentious, it can take a significant amount of time to finally resolve your divorce. On the other hand, spouses who are willing to cooperate and find fair and reasonable middle-ground settlements will usually find that such an attitude greatly reduces the time, money, and stress normally involved with the divorce process.

Our Morris County Divorce Attorneys Represent Clients in Every Situation

By practicing exclusively family and divorce law, our Morris County divorce attorneys are prepared to represent you during your divorce in whichever manner you see fit.

  • Are you and your spouse ready and willing to communicate and compromise? We are prepared to help you negotiate your divorce settlement agreement without court intervention, or even represent you in the Alternative Dispute Resolution processes of mediation, collaboration or arbitration.
  • Are you willing to compromise but your spouse is being overly difficult? We can represent your unique needs and interests in a manner which protects you and your divorce agreements from whatever personal grudges or issues that may exist.
  • Do you want to ensure that you get the most possible out of your divorce agreements? We are prepared to aggressively defend your rights and interests in a court of law, and help you ensure that your divorce agreements accurately reflect your specific needs and concerns while remaining fair and equitable in the eyes of the law.

With extensive experience representing divorce clients in towns across New Jersey and Morris County, including Chester, Chatham, Mendham, Harding, Morris Township, and Morristown, our law office is ready to provide you with the effective, knowledgeable, and attentive legal counsel that you need and deserve when resolving something so life-changing as a divorce can often be.

To speak with our attorney team today in a free and confidential consultation regarding your divorce, which methods may be preferable in your unique situation, or any specific concerns you may have regarding child custody, child support, alimony, or marital asset division during your divorce, please contact us online, or through our Morristown, NJ office at (973) 828-0829.