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Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark Attorney Successfully Appeals Support Modification Ruling

Morris County NJ Post-Divorce Modification and Family Law Appeals AttorneysEarlier this week, the NJ Appellate Division ruled on an appeal filed by Attorney Gregory Pasler of Morristown’s Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark on behalf of his client Mr. Keller, of Somerset County, NJ.

Keller and his attorney had originally filed for a motion to reduce Keller’s alimony and child support payments on the basis of a loss of employment, and subsequent reduction in pay after securing a new job. And while Mr. Keller’s salary was reduced by almost 50%, from $582,000 a year working for Lucent to $250,000 a year working for Pfizer, the trial judge in this matter denied his petition for reduced support obligations, stating that there was no “permanent change in circumstances” as it was believed Mr. Keller would still be able to earn close to his original salary through bonuses and other forms of compensation.

Upon appeal however, Appellate Division Judges Karen Suter and Jane Grall both stated that the trial judge in this matter failed to consider all the 23 factors included in the 2014 Alimony Reform Act, and ultimately found that reconsideration for alimony payments and child support payments should both have been granted in the matter.

Keller’s attorney Gregory Pasler said this regarding his and his client’s successful appeal “The appellate court’s decision clearly confirms that … the trial court cannot summarily dismiss an obligor’s request for a modification of their support obligations should they experience a loss of income.”

To read more about this case and the successful decision our firm secured for Mr. Keller, you can view the complete article here.

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