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What to Do and What Not to Do During Divorce

Morris County NJ Divorce Process LawyersDivorce is much more than a legal separation. Divorce is a division of commingled lives, a major shift in family dynamic, and can be extremely stressful. It is therefore understandable that many individuals make mistakes during the divorce process which they may come to regret. Not only can missteps impact your personal relationships, but they may also have material consequences on the terms of your divorce settlement agreement including child custodyalimony, or division of marital assets agreements.

Today, our divorce and family law attorneys will discuss some helpful dos and do nots leading up to, during, and after your divorce proceedings in New Jersey.

Morris County, NJ Divorce Process Lawyers Discuss What to do During Your Divorce

While there are certainly damaging actions which can be taken during a divorce, there are also proactive steps which can go a long way towards a successful legal process. Our Morris County divorce process lawyers recommend taking the following actions:

Work with an attorney to find the best options for you – the complexities of the divorce process simply cannot be condensed into a nice and neat blog post. Working with a qualified divorce attorney is the best way to protect your legal rights. Potential options for divorce include mediation, arbitration, or traditional divorce.

Consider temporary agreements during divorce process – the divorce process can take anywhere from a few weeks to multiple years. During that time, it is possible to reach temporary child custody, temporary child support, and temporary alimony agreements as necessary.

Have an open mindset – your spouse may not be your favorite person, but it is far easier to work with them to reach an amicable agreement than to fight them every step of the way. This is especially true for parents, who will need to continue a working relationship for their children’s sake.

Chatham Divorce Attorneys Identify Common Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we have gone over some helpful tips of what you can do to make your divorce process go more smoothly, here are some common mistakes which our Chatham divorce attorneys often see in New Jersey:

Losing perspective – it cannot be overstated that divorce is an incredibly stressful time, rivaling other life altering events such as the death of family members. However, unlike some other traumatic life events, divorce can ultimately be a positive. Try not to lose perspective when going through the divorce process. Ask yourself, is fighting over this issue worth my effort or might my energy be better spent elsewhere?

Misrepresent finances or other situations – not only is withholding or misrepresenting financial information illegal, it can lead to messy negotiations, judges or mediators ruling against you, and more. The perceived benefits of taking intentionally deceptive options are simply not worth the risk.

Just wanting to “get it over with” – on the flip side of the coin of the overly combative mindset, some individuals going through a divorce will agree to almost anything simply to get through the process. This goes back to the concept of perspective. Making sure you and your family’s legal rights are protective is almost certainly worth fighting for, even if your spouse is being unreasonable.

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