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Physical Health and Divorce Morris County, NJ

Physical Health and Divorce Morris County NJGoing through a divorce is one of the most well documented, serious stressors that many of us experience during our life. While many individuals may immediately think about the mental health issues and problems with substance abuse that commonly accompany these stressful periods, overall physical health is often overlooked. This is unfortunate, as stress can have an equally significant impact on physical health. Thankfully, there are a litany of ways to reduce health risks by being aware, seeking help, or even choosing less stressful divorce paths such as mediation or even uncontested or collaborative divorce.

Our divorce and family law attorneys understand that while there is no way to completely eliminate health risks during divorce, they may be effectively mitigated. Today, we will review the impact divorce may have on your physical health due to stress, mental health issues, and substance abuse problems.

Divorce Stress and Health: Chatham, NJ Divorce Attorneys

Everyone has experienced stress throughout their lives in one form or another. Anxiety over taking a large test or presentation, sleepless nights worrying about the future of your children, or even just staying on top of your every day responsibilities. While stress is a normal and natural reaction to certain situations, not all stress is created equal. Our Chatham divorce attorneys recommend that our clients monitor their stress levels during divorce and watch out for the following potential health issues:

  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain. Individuals respond differently, but many times the symptoms of harmful stress include rapid change in weight
  • High blood pressure and high resting heart rate. Cardiovascular systems are often pushed into overdrive in times of great stress. This is also normal for short durations, but can lead to long term damage to your health if it is not monitored and dealt with appropriately
  • Insomnia. Sleep disruption is one of the most common secondary effects of stress. The physical risks associated with insomnia include hypertension, diabetes, lack of energy, cardiovascular issues and more
  • Dizziness, loss of balance, or other feelings which may be abnormal for you personally. In general, any sudden changes to your health should be noted and managed when going through a stressful divorce

Can Anxiety and Depression Lead to Physical Health Problems in Morris County?

Various mental health issues which commonly result from the stress of divorce may also lead to physical health problems. Thankfully, anxiety and depression are treatable using a variety of methods from pharmaceuticals, cognitive therapy, hypnosis, exposure therapy, meditation, and much more. Being aware of the potential health issues allow individuals to identify and treat them more quickly and effectively.

Anxiety commonly causes increased heart rate, hypertension, blood sugar issues, insomnia, etc. Issues of anxiety or other disorders such as panic disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder generally cause our body’s systems to kick into overdrive. This overexertion has the potential to do short and long term harm.

Depression is the yang to anxiety’s yin. Common physical symptoms include lack of appetite, oversleeping, inability to exercise, and much more. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is advisable to seek professional help.

Substance Abuse and Health During Divorce

Substance abuse can be a band-aid solution for mental and physical health issues which may naturally occur during divorce. However, the potential short term benefits of “self medicating” are almost certainly outweighed by the potential health risks. Commonly abused substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and tobacco all come with associate health complications.

If you or a loved one has turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with a difficult divorce, please seek help. The New Jersey Department of Human Service: Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services offers support through helpful information, hotlines and more. Not only will these proactive steps protect your health, but it may also protect your legal rights when it comes to important divorce issues such as child custody.

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