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Questions to Ask Your Morris County, NJ Divorce Attorney

Morris County NJ Divorce AttorneyAt this point, most individuals going through a divorce or considering a divorce understand the importance of hiring a divorce attorney. What is less obvious or well known is how to choose the correct attorney for you. There are many qualified divorce lawyers in Northern New Jersey, but finding the best fit can mean the difference between a positive and fruitful experience and feeling like pulling teeth. With that in mind, a great place to start this process is by coming up with a list of questions to ask your potential independent legal counsel.

Today, our divorce attorneys will identify some questions which are commonly asked during initial consultations, leading into your divorce, and even after the divorce process is complete.

Questions to Ask a Chatham, NJ Divorce Lawyer During Initial Consultation

Without further ado, our Chatham divorce lawyers will identify some questions that you may want to consider asking during your initial divorce consultation:

Do you practice divorce law exclusively? Many attorneys claim to be divorce attorneys…but also criminal attorneys, personal injury attorneys, and so on. While this is certainly possible, it may be advantageous to seek an attorney who has focused experience with the issues of divorce such as equitable distributionalimonychild supportchild custody, and more.

Who will be handling my case? Some larger firms may attempt to pass your case along to a junior attorney after meeting with the principal. It is important that you understand with whom you will be working so that you can find a great fit there as well.

What are your fees? While the legal fees may not be the most important thing about choosing a divorce lawyer, it is certainly a major factor. Do not secure independent legal counsel without at least understanding how you will be charged.

Other Questions to Discuss with Harding Family Law Attorneys

There is no shortage of complicating factors which may impact your individual case. Beyond the blanket questions which apply to all cases, there are a litany of questions you may want to ask based on your unique needs and concerns. With this in mind, our Harding family law attorneys recommend considering the following questions as well:

  • Do you offer alternative conflict resolution methods such as mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce?
  • What is your policy on responding correspondences like phone calls and emails? After hours?
  • Will you support me handling my divorce outside of court through direct negotiation?
  • Can you estimate the total timeline of my divorce?
  • Are there any ways to keep the costs and/or timeline of my divorce low?
  • Do we need to hire an expert witness for my case? What will that cost?
  • How can I prepare financially for divorce?
  • How many years have you been practicing divorce law?
  • Are you familiar with Morris County, NJ judges and other legal professionals?
  • What is your relevant experience with cases like my own?
  • Should I file for fault divorce or no-fault divorce?

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