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Why Choose Collaborative Divorce in Morris County?

Morris County NJ Collaborative Divorce AttorneysCollaborative divorce, much like other alternative conflict resolution methods such as mediation, is a great choice for many divorcing spouses who wish to work together during the divorce process. Divorce is certainly a stressful time, but it does not need to be a battle. Many spouses are able to resolve even the most complex issues of divorce such as child custodychild supportalimony and spousal supportequitable distribution of marital assets, and much more without relying on court hearings or judges rulings. The collaborative divorce process is meant to empower families and allow them to work together to reach amicable and beneficial divorce settlement agreements in New Jersey.

Today, our collaborative divorce lawyers will be going over the benefits of collaborative divorce and discussing alternative conflict resolution as a whole and when it may be useful to our clients.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce: Chester Divorce Lawyers

Before reviewing the many benefits of collaborative divorce, our Chester Divorce lawyers believe it is important to state that these solutions are not for every case. Some divorces do require formal litigation when spouses are unable to work together towards a common goal. That being said, you do not need to be best friends with your spouse in order to respectfully work together. Some of the ways in which collaborative divorce can help our clients include:

  • Reduced timeline and therefore reduced costs of divorce
  • Greater flexibility of spouses to come up with terms of their settlement agreement that meets their individual needs
  • The process is less contentious and often times less stressful for spouses and their families alike
  • For parents, choosing collaborative divorce sends the message to children that you are able to work together and avoid unnecessary fighting
  • Other fringe benefits such as a simplified process, better relationships moving forward, and more

Harding, NJ Collaborative Divorce Attorneys Discuss ADR

Alternative Conflict Resolution, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR refers to solving legal conflicts without formal litigation. For family law issues, common methods of ADR include mediation, collaborative divorce, and arbitration. Our Harding collaborative divorce attorneys believe that ADR is a fantastic option for some families going through the divorce process. There are a few considerations before jumping into collaborative divorce or other alternative dispute resolution methods, including:

Am I able to work productively with my spouse? Many couples, even those who are going through emotional periods, are able to work together cooperatively to resolve the disputes of their divorce. However, this is not always the case. It is better to be honest with yourself before making this decision.

Does my divorce require formal legal action? Some divorce cases have disputes which may benefits from litigation. Examples may be proving a history of domestic violence and much more.

Do you and your spouse fully understand the ADR process? Before making the decision on which path your divorce will take, it is essential that you fully comprehend what the ADR process entails, what rights you will retain, how your rights will be protected and more. We highly recommend speaking with a Harding collaborative divorce attorneys before making such an important decision.

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