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Dissolution of Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships Attorneys Morris County, NJ

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Disolution of a Civil Union or Domestic Partnership Morris County NJCivil unions in New Jersey have been legal only since February of 2007. However, our family law attorneys have long been committed to keeping current on this important area of the law and its predecessor area of domestic partnerships.

To terminate a Registered Domestic Partnership one partner must file a request for termination with the appropriate Superior Court of the State of New Jersey. With that said, just as in divorce, there is almost always more to it than just filing the paperwork. Your rights and your future are on the line, and it is important that you understand the process and make sound, educated decisions along the way.

At the family law firm of Townsend, Tomaio, and Newmark, in Morristown, we have helped numerous New Jersey couples dissolve both civil unions and domestic partnerships.

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Morris County Civil Union, Domestic Partnership, and Same-Sex Marriage Laws

Domestic partnerships and — to an even greater degree — civil unions involve the issues and laws pertaining to marriage. Indeed, the civil union statute specifically states that laws that apply to marriage apply to civil unions.

Both domestic partnerships and civil unions, therefore, can involve issues like property division, child support, and child custody. Our Team of Attorneys are experienced in helping both opposite and same-sex couples dissolve their union or partnership, and have published several articles regarding same-sex marriage. If you need help, or have questions, regarding dissolving your civil union or domestic partnership, we can help.

How to Dissolve a Domestic Partnership or Civil Union

Many people are surprised by the formality of their domestic partnership, and that most legal issues are handled no differently than if a married individual was facing similar circumstances  and were interested in dissolving the marriage, which resulted in their decision to file a divorce complaint with the court. New Jersey law requires couples pursuing a dissolution of a domestic partnership or civil union to follow the same laws as they would if they were filing for a divorce, including naming a ground for dissolution. Grounds for dissolution of a domestic partnership or civil union are similar to a divorce in that adultery, extreme cruelty, desertion, and separation are all viable grounds, but one major exception is irreconcilable differences. While irreconcilable differences will most likely be added as a grounds for dissolution of a civil union or domestic partnership in the future, for the moment it is only applicable to divorce cases.

Even the procedures for filing for a dissolution of civil union or domestic partnership are the same as that of a divorce. Parties are expected to file a complaint for dissolution, participate in case management conferences, potentially engage in the discovery process, and litigate their case by following the same standard rules and practices as that of a typical divorce case.

Get Legal Help with Ending Your Domestic Partnership

Terminating a domestic partnership can be confusing, complicated, and difficult to handle as the individual involed in the separation. Depending on the relationship the individuals have and the agreements they are able to come to on their own, disolving a civil union or domestic partnership can be as, if not more, complex than your average run-of-the-mill divorce; especially if it involves children, real estate, or substantial financial assets or debt. Some dissolutions require litigation regarding complex custody, asset division, and can even require experts such as a forensic accountant. To ensure the best possible outcome, you may wish to speak with an experienced family law attorney in your area who has handled domestic partnership cases.

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At the law offices of Townsend, Tomaio, and Newmark, our family law attorneys are intimately familiar with New Jersey civil union and domestic partnership laws. Our Family Law and Divorce Lawyers pride themselves on their ability to communicate, litigate, and utilize years of legal experience to advocate for their clients.

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