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How can I get prepared for an Initial Consultation?

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From an emotional point of view when you are coming in to see a lawyer for the first time for divorce, I think that´s bottom, and I usually tell clients when they come in this is bottom, so you only have one place to go, you are going up. So how do you get there?

Get information, learn your finances, let´s figure out your budget, if we need to bring a professional, like a financial planner, let´s do it! Because we are on the way up, from an emotional point of view, maybe you need a therapist, maybe you need a life coach, maybe you just need to get out and change the routine.

But I like to tell my clients, right from the beginning, wrap up them, learn finances, learn your budget, educate yourself, get a plan to fix the finances, and with respect to the emotions let´s get them in check, because this is all ok, but we are on the ups way right now.

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