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What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Divorcing couples do not always wish to go through the process in a courtroom. Sometimes, they wish to settle their marital issues on their own without litigation. It is because of this that there are alternative methods of divorce available to spouses. While it is not possible for all couples to do this, it can be very beneficial for others. 

One of the most common alternative methods of divorce is mediation. During this process, spouses are able to come together to negotiate the terms of their divorce. Conversations that take place during mediation surround the couple’s marital issues and working out a way to settle them. This can include matters such as child custody, child support, alimony, the division of assets, and more. In mediation, couples are assisted by an unbiased third party. This individual serves to listen to both spouses and help them make decisions that are best for them. 

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation offers a couple certain benefits that would not be available to them if they were to divorce through litigation. In mediation, couples can participate in healthy discussions that serve them and their family. Often times, couples in these situations feel better about reaching decisions on their own before officially ending their marriage.

The benefits of divorce through mediation may include the following:

  • Control: Mediation allows couples to have power over their own divorce by making their own decisions instead of leaving it up to a judge
  • Confidentiality: During the process, neither the spouse or third party involved is allowed to discuss or share any information shared. This allows both spouses to be open and honest with each other when reaching conclusions
  • Speed: The process of mediation does not have a set length. It can either be quick or long depending on the couple and the number of issues they have left to resolve
  • Cost: Mediation can be a more cost-effective process than going through a litigated divorce. Trials often become expenses for not only the couple but the state as well 
  • Choice: It is completely voluntary to decide to divorce through mediation. Couples are never required to participate if they do not want to 
  • Family: Divorce through trial often creates a negative environment that is not good for families. Mediation offers a neutral environment that allows for healthy conversations between spouses. This option is especially beneficial for spouses with children

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