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Handling Child Custody on Halloween in New Jersey

When parents get divorced, one of the parts of life that it impacts is the holidays. It is because of this that many people designate the holidays they will spend with their child. This can include Halloween. Parents who are divorced do not always get to spend Halloween with their child every year. In the event that the two cannot come to an agreement, there are ways this time of year can be managed to make it work for both parties. Continue reading below to learn more about how to handle these matters and contact an experienced New Jersey family law attorney for guidance.

Sharing the Night

When parents live in different neighborhoods, they may be able to figure out an agreement that lets them share the holiday. If both parents want to spend Halloween trick-or-treating with their child, they may split the night into shifts if it is possible. This can allow them to both take their child around their own neighborhoods, one before the other. Another option is to put aside their differences for one night to go together so they can both be with their child for the entire night.

Attending Other Halloween Events

Halloween has turned into more than just one day over the years. The days and weeks leading up to the holiday often see their own activities that families can participate in. If one parent does not have parenting time on Halloween, there are a variety of things to take part in with children when they do have parenting time. This can include pumpkin patches, early trick-or-treating events, fall activities, etc.

Alternate the Years

Not all parents can split the night of Halloween with each other. When this happens, it may be possible for the parents to switch off every other year instead. Taking alternative years allows both parents the opportunity to spend Halloween with their child. 

Attending Adult Parties

There are many adults who also dress up and celebrate in their own ways. Oftentimes, these celebrations include alcohol. When participating in these activities, it is important for parents to watch their behavior and be careful about what they post on social media. This is because poor behavior can possibly harm a custody agreement. 

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