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What do I Need to Know About Complex Child Custody Issues?

Dealing with custody matters during or after a divorce in the state of New Jersey can often become complicated. This is because it is an emotional situation, as no parent wants to lose time with their child. As if this is not a difficult enough time, there are a variety of personal situations that can sometimes make a custody case more complex. These issues may require special attention. Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced New Jersey family law attorney for assistance.

Relocating Out of State

After a divorce, former spouses can go on with their lives. This often presents new opportunities, some of which may require them to move. When a parent wants to relocate out of New Jersey with their child, they are required to obtain consent. This can be either from the other parent or the court. During this time, the parent is required to convince either party that moving would be in the child’s best interest, not just their own.

Parental Alienation

If one parent is persistent in interfering with the other’s custody or parenting time, parental alienation can become a concern. This may call for court intervention. There are generally three types of alienators: naive alienators, active alienators, and obsessed alienators. There are ways to remedy these situations, whether it may be through mediation or the court.

International Kidnapping

It is a terrible situation when a parent kidnaps their child from the other parent. This takes place when one parent takes their child out of the country without the consent of the other parent. Even the threat of these situations calls for an immediate consultation with a skilled family law attorney.

Establishing Kinship Legal Guardianships

When birth parents in New Jersey are unable to care for their child, it is possible for a relative or friend of the family to petition the courts for appointment as a kinship legal guardian with primary legal custody. This is only if they have been the child’s caretaker for at least 12 months.

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