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What Are My Options if D.C.P.&P Are Trying to Take My Child Away?

To learn more about New Jersey’s organization called the Department of Child Protection & Permanency, also known as D.C.P.&P., reach out to our skilled New Jersey divorce and family law attorneys today. Our legal team is on your side and will put you and your child’s best interests first at all times.

What is D.C.P.&P.?

The state of New Jersey has a procedure in place to protect children from abusive or neglectful parents. This organization is called the Department of Child Protection & Permanency (D.C.P.&P.) In many cases, legal issues regarding the D.C.P&P. involve matters with biological or adoptive parents, foster care facilities, and other protective services. However, in most cases, these organizations seek to work to benefit your child, they are not without flaws, and there are times where people can be wrongly blamed for an act that they simply did not commit.

How can an attorney protect me and my child from D.C.P.&P.?

Almost immediately, the D.C.P.&P. will set out to take action. In many cases, they will likely contact the police right away, and they may even enter your home and physically take your child into protective custody while you await your trial. Our firm recognizes that this is traumatic for both the parents and children involved, which is why our firm is here to help put an end to this as soon as possible. If you reach out to our firm and retain the services of our dedicated legal team, you will experience support in the following ways:

  • We will examine every facet of your case and find the best legal avenue forward
  • We will personally speak with all other lawyers involved in your case
  • We will receive and review court reports
  • We will hire certain experts to conduct defense assessments (one of the strongest ways to prove your case)
  • We will comprehensively prepare your case and defend your rights through each step of the legal process ahead.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about this, do not wait to reach out to our skilled New Jersey divorce and family law attorneys today. Our legal team is equipped with the knowledge and experience required to ensure that you and your family receive the protection you need during this time. It is in your best interest to contact us today. We are on your side.


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