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How Does the Adoption Process Work in New Jersey?

The adoption process in New Jersey can be a joyous but also stressful time for many families. Continue reading to learn more and reach out to one of our dedicated to Morris County, NJ adoption lawyers to get started on this journey.

What are the different kinds of adoption in New Jersey?

There are a number of different options when it comes to adoption. If you are interested in learning more, continue reading to see which might be the best fit for you:

  • Domestic adoption: This refers to U.S. born infants for adoption by their legally consenting birth parents
  • Private adoption: this is the legal process of adopting a child you already know or are adopting through the child’s birth parent
  • International adoption: this occurs when you are adopting a child who was born in another country
  • LGBT adoption: the process of adopting a child as a member of the LGBT community
  • Step-parent adoption: with full permission from the child’s non-custodial parent, the step-parents adopt their step-child. This can also happen if the court ends the parental rights of the child’s biological parent in the event of neglect or child abuse
  • Second-parent adoption: this refers to the legal procedure in which a same-sex parent adopts his or her biological adoptive child without ending the first parent’s legal status as a parent
  • Adult adoption: two or more adults who would like to transfer inheritance rights or affiliation

What is New Jersey’s adoption process?

There are several steps and stages in the adoption process in New Jersey. The first is to complete a home study which will include a 27-hour training period and a home visit. After the home study, you will need to submit your employment, schooling, childcare, and medical reference information. After this has been completed, you will apply to become the child’s adoptive parents which will take you through the CP&P to gain state approval to adopt a child.

After you have matched with a child, you will need to obtain the involved parties’ consent. This can involve the biological parents, foster home, or any other related party. This will continue the adoption process through court. The last step will be after taking your child home where you will proceed with a supervision period that is in place to make sure that your child is in a safe, clean, and positive environment.


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