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What do I Need to Know About Equitable Distribution in New Jersey?

When a divorce takes place, there are many couples who have to complete the process through litigation. These situations can subject their assets to equitable distribution. This process is when the court determines how to divide a couple’s assets fairly between the two of them. It is important to know this is not necessarily an […]


When Happens When My Spouse Refuses to Honor a Prenup?

The division of assets in a divorce can sometimes cause great conflict. It is because of this that some couples may choose to enter into a prenuptial agreement before they get married. Simply put, this is a document that designates how both pirates will divide their assets in the event that they divorce in the […]


What do I Need to Know About New Jersey Divorce Mediation?

When spouses file for divore, it is important to know they are not required to go through this process in the courtroom. There are other alternatives to divorce in New Jersey that allow couples to avoid litigation. A common alternative is mediation. Continue reading below to learn more and contact a New Jersey divorce attorney […]


How do I Obtain Parenting Time During the Holidays?

While it is not yet the holiday season, the time of year is quickly approaching. Because it is always important to be proactive, it can be time to revisit your parenting plan. All parents like to spend the holidays with their children. However, if you and your child’s other parent are divorced, it is important […]


What do I Need to Know About Complex Child Custody Issues?

Dealing with custody matters during or after a divorce in the state of New Jersey can often become complicated. This is because it is an emotional situation, as no parent wants to lose time with their child. As if this is not a difficult enough time, there are a variety of personal situations that can […]


How do I Recover Hidden Assets in a New Jersey Divorce?

There are several parts to a divorce. One of the most notable is the division of assets between both spouses. This is when their marital assets are divided based on the fair and just method of equitable distribution. When going through this process, spouses often fear losing certain assets. This can lead them to want […]


What are Grandparents’ Rights in New Jersey?

Divorces impact more people than just the two spouses involved. In many situations, it can significantly affect their families. When there are children involved, parents often worry about the time they will spend with them. This same concern applies to grandparents as well. In most cases, the court encourages the involvement of grandparents in a […]


What do I Need to Know About Court Mandated Mediation in New Jersey?

The process of mediation is a common alternative to a litigated divorce or family law matters. Mediation involves the participation of both parties as well as an unbiased third-party mediator to help divorcing spouses or parents reach conclusions regarding their issues. Generally, this is a voluntary process that parties can choose to engage in. However, […]