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Category: Uncontested Divorce

Types of Divorce in New Jersey

When couples go through a divorce, they must settle many legal matters before the process is complete. During the proceedings, spouses are required to come together and discuss their marital issues in order to reach an agreement regarding their future arrangements. While it is not possible for all spouses, some are able to do this […]


Divorce Legal Terms Worth Learning Before and During Your Divorce

For those going through divorce proceedings in New Jersey, the amount of legal jargon and new terms being thrown around the room can be daunting. Before stepping foot into a courtroom, a mediation, or your lawyer’s office, it can be useful to brush up on your legal terms. Today, our divorce and family law attorneys will be going over some common […]


Understanding an Uncontested Divorce in Morris County, NJ

A divorce can be a long, stressful and costly part of any family. However, uncontested divorces can save your family time, money, and heart ache.  It is important to understand and prepare for an amicable divorce. This can be as little as having a discussion with your spouse about family assets, discussions around custody and […]