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Tag Archives: abuse

Financial Abuse In New Jersey

Some individuals in New Jersey have found out the hard way that not all abuse is physical or emotional. Abuse can be financial too. Some abusers realize that an individual’s finances are a pivotal part of life, so that by manipulating finances, abusers may possibly gain utter control over their victim.

Financial abusers employ a wide range of tactics to exert their dominance. This is especially true in cases where the victim is financially dependent. Abuser may give their victim an allowance that tapers over time while, manipulating the severity of the dependence. Sometimes, abusers who are married to their victim over-assert their control over their spouse’s financial decisions so as to keep their victim from accessing the family’s financial assets.

Other forms of financial abuse include efforts that prevent victims from gaining or keeping employment and schemes to sabotage their credit score. In any case, the long-term and short-term ramifications of financial abuse can be debilitating. Victims are left in the ruinous state of the destitute, lacking the cash, employment, access to financial assets and credit score to rebuild their lives. For older victims who have diminished earning power, economic independence and long-term financial security may prove to nearly impossible to regain.

Many victims need assistance. It can be difficult for people suffering any type of domestic abuse to free themselves from their situation, and that includes financial abuse victims. However, a family law attorney may help. Through the advocacy of an attorney, victims may obtain a restraining order against their abuser and file civil action to recover financial assets and other property.

Source: National Network to End Domestic Violence, “About Financial Abuse“, December 31, 2014

What Protections Can Victims Of Domestic Violence Obtain

The problem of domestic violence is far too prevalent in New Jersey and around the country. In 1991, the New Jersey legislature enacted the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act after studies showed that thousands of residents of the state were being subjected to physical abuse at the hands of their spouses or those with whom… Continue Reading

Overview Of New Jerseys Domestic Violence Laws

New Jersey’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991 specifies 14 prohibited criminal acts, one or more of which constitutes an act of domestic violence if perpetrated by an adult or emancipated minor upon someone with whom they are in a relationship. The acts include actual or threatened emotional, physical and economic abuse ranging from… Continue Reading

Domestic Violence And New Jersey Gun Owners

A domestic violence case in Saddle Brook has created controversy over a person’s right to own guns. After responding to a domestic dispute call involving a 64-year-old women and her 65-year-old husband on Aug. 8, they asked the man if he had any firearms. When police learned that the man did have firearms in his… Continue Reading

The Difficulty In Recognizing An Abusive Relationship

New Jersey residents who are in relationships that involve domestic violence may take some time to actually realize that they are in abusive relationships. There are a number of reasons that this is the case. One reason is that domestic abuse is not just limited to physical violence. Any pattern of controlling another person is… Continue Reading

Domestic Violence Surges In New Jersey

Domestic violence incidents at the end of June in South Jersey reflect a troublesome trend. Statistics from state police from 2011 provide a glimpse of the trends, a period during which Camden and Ocean counties both experienced approximately 200 arrests of individuals in violation of restraining orders connected to domestic violence issues. More than 3,000… Continue Reading

Leaving An Abusive Relationship

A 2011 report on domestic violence in New Jersey reported that women comprise just over three-fourths of all domestic violence victims. A Hazlet nonprofit agency, 180 Turning Lives Around, is working to end abuse. They further indicated that about 25 percent of all women are the victims of such violence at some point in time.… Continue Reading

Christie Vetoes Electronic Monitoring Bill Wants Changes

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie conditionally vetoed Lisa’s Law, a measure passed by the state legislature that would require electronic monitoring of some people placed under restraining orders or jailed in domestic abuse cases. The delay was aimed at making sure the technology existed to fully implement the new domestic violence rules, as well as… Continue Reading

New Jersey Expands Domestic Violence Services

Legislators in New Jersey are praising the state’s decision to expand its domestic violence services in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. One of the states that was hardest hit by the storm, New Jersey was given nearly $4 million in funds by a federal Social Service Block Grant and then almost another $1 million from… Continue Reading

Husband Of Missing Mom Not Being Helpful

Police are frustrated that the husband of a woman who disappeared on her way to New Jersey does not seem to be cooperating. The woman filed a request for a protection-from-abuse restraining order against her husband on February 19, claiming that he pushed her and broke her phone when she tried to leave the family… Continue Reading

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