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When Just A Divorce Is Not Enough

In the State of New Jersey, you can seek to end your marriage by either filing a Complaint for Divorce or a Complaint for an Annulment. An annulment is different than a divorce because if the marriage is annulled by a court, the marriage never existed. In the State of New Jersey, it is difficult […]


Kris Values Sorry More Than Millions From Kim In Divorce

Kris Humphries is used to facing opponents on the basketball court as a player for the New Jersey Nets, but his divorce with reality starlet Kim Kardashian is proving to be a long-lasting, aggressive match. A three-pointer for Kris in the scheme of things with Kim is not getting out of the divorce with as […]


Hey Kim Kardashian How Is Annulment Different From Divorce

If there is anything Kim Kardashian can teach us, it’s how to spin a very little into a lot, like how she somehow converted an adults-only videotape into a media empire, clothing lines and a personal life that keeps the tabloid presses working overtime. But Kardashian’s divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries is actually worth […]