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Dividing a Family Business in a Morris County Divorce

Divorce Attorneys Serving the Greater Morristown Area One of the most commonly asked questions during a divorce is “what will happen to my business?”.  Small business owners know just how much work it takes to grow a company, to keep it afloat through uncertain economic times, and just how fragile the company can be.  Something […]


Protect Your Chester NJ Business, its Assets & Partners

Safeguarding yourself as well as your business and its assets from most lawsuits, including divorce, is important. Morris County Lawyers can recommend a smart legal and business strategy. 973-828-0829 In this article we will review several prudent practices to protect your business during divorce in New Jersey. We will review five smart suggestions that could […]


Equitable Divorce Attorneys Morris County NJ

Morristown area family law and divorce lawyers deliver equitable divorce settlements in Chester, Chatham, Mendham, Harding, and Morris Township We recently published an article about Equitable Division of assets in which we clarified what this means in New Jersey. In this article, we will start with a brief reminder of why “fair” and “equal” are […]