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Tag Archives: Child support

Child Support For Fathers

Morris County NJ Fathers' Rights AttorneysSome New Jersey residents may have followed a dispute between Bristol Palin, the daughter of politician Sarah Palin, and the father of her child. Her child’s father asked for child support and joint custody, but according to Sarah Palin, he had shown little interest in the child prior to its birth. Furthermore, Bristol Palin said that he should not have asked for child support.

One single father argued that men should not ask for child support because they should continue to primarily be providers while women are caregivers. However, in some cases, filing for child support is necessary to access benefits such as medical insurance or food stamps. Therefore, either parent may need to file for child support depending upon who is more in need of financial support overall.

Another argument made by some people is that women already bear a greater burden in childbearing and raising children, and this is in addition to the wage gap in which women make less money than men. Divorce may also penalize women more financially. Women may lose wages or career opportunities due to pregnancy or motherhood.

However, most of these are not factors in determining child support. The state will look at income, child-rearing expenses and how much time each parent has with the child regardless of gender of the parents. Before turning to litigation, parents may want to try to work with their lawyers to come to an agreement about child custody. Although a judge attempts to rule in what can be determined as the child’s best interests, the parents may have the best sense of how much time the child needs with each parent. Therefore, they might decide that the stability of spending weekdays with one parents outweighs the benefit of equal time with both parents for their particular child. Child support and custody arrangements can sometimes also be modified later if necessary.

Music Mogul Ordered To Pay Back Child Support

New Jersey residents may know that a court has ordered music executive Matthew Knowles to pay the mother of one of his children $70,822 in back child support. The judge who implemented the court order said that Knowles had willfully acknowledged paternity of the child after paying the baby’s mother $225,000 to keep her quiet.… Continue Reading

Rapper Dmx Arrested For Back Child Support Payments

New Jersey music fans may be interested to learn that rapper DMX was arrested on Oct. 27 for allegedly falling behind on child support payments to his ex-wife. He was taken into custody at his home in Yonkers, New York. In 2014, a judge ordered DMX, whose legal name is Earl Simmons, to pay $10,000… Continue Reading

Determining Emancipation In New Jersey

When a child is emancipated, he or she is no longer a dependent of his or her parents. Additionally, the parent is no longer legally bound to care or provide for the child. If a child has been emancipated, that child will no longer be entitled to receive child support. Therefore, noncustodial parents may seek… Continue Reading

Calculating Child Support In New Jersey

In New Jersey, child support is often vital for raising a child on your own. As such, divorcing (or otherwise separated) parents need to know how the state calculates what the non-custodial parent must pay. This can be broken down into a few simple steps. First is calculating the income of both parents. This not… Continue Reading

Statistics In Relation To Child Support Payments

When New Jersey residents hear about parents that refuse to or fail to pay child support, certain gender stereotypes may come to mind. However, a blogger analyzed the numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau and found that custodial mothers and fathers alike do not receive the child support that they are often owed. In 2011,… Continue Reading

Child Support Payments Are Still Expected After Bankruptcy

In New Jersey family law matters, courts always make decisions with the best interests of children in mind and generally believe both parents should be involved in a child’s life. While this means both parents might receive some type of access to a child such as physical custody or visitation rights, this also comes with… Continue Reading

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