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Impact of Parental Alienation on Children Morris County NJ

Divorce and Child custody issues are some of the most complicated and impactful judgments made by the courts in Morristown, Morris, Chester and across Morris County .  The fiscal, and emotional futures of entire families often hang in the balance. Family law conflicts are rarely simple and often involve complicated legal matters that can be very intimidating to the average person. The New Jersey divorce […]


What Are Common Divorce Myths About Children

Many assumptions are made when a couple decides to divorce. People outside the relationship may assume why it happened, and those experiencing the divorce might make assumptions about how things will turn out. An interesting Huffington Post article takes a look at common divorce myths. Specifically, the writer attempts to debunk three myths regarding children […]


How Past Divorces Are Affecting Families Today

Even though the fact that nearly half of all divorces currently end in divorce is thrown around all of the time, divorce actually is less common today than it has been in the past. But that doesn’t mean that the past divorces are not making their mark on today’s families. A recent NPR piece reveals […]