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Tag: civil unions

Different Marriage Laws Lead To Costly Confusion For Gay Couples

When the right to make a commitment to a same-sex partner varies from state to state, and when laws protecting the rights of same-sex couples seem vulnerable, it can make for a confusing legal and family landscape. When same-sex couples want to dissolve their unions, they face various financial tangles that they would not need […]


Obamas Support Of Gay Marriage Has Little Impact In New Jersey

While the media and public made a huge deal that President Obama recently announced his support for same-sex marriage, a study in New Jersey suggests that the state’s voters won’t change the way they vote based on the president’s opinion. New Jersey’s own leader Governor Christie certainly has his own strong opinions on the same-sex […]


Group Fights To Prove Civil Unions Are Not Enough In New Jersey

We have written about civil unions on this blog in the past, as the matter is nagging at many people throughout New Jersey. Civil unions allow same-sex couples to formalize their unions, but some in the state argue that the unions are not enough to provide same-sex couples the equal rights that they believe they […]


Is Civil Unions Work Reason Enough To Stop Same Sex Marriage

In a previous family law post, we shared how the matter of same-sex marriage in New Jersey was going to become part of the legislative conversation again this year. Civil unions are currently legal for same-sex couples in the state, but some lawmakers and equal rights advocates are pushing for further freedoms. A bill went […]


A Win For Same Sex Civil Union Advocates Occurs In New Jersey

New Jersey is somewhat ahead of the game compared to some other states with regards to providing same-sex couples’ rights. We may not have legalized same-sex marriage in the state, but civil unions are legal and have provided many couples the opportunity to formalize their relationships in some manner. One same-sex couple chose to enter […]


Vote Regarding Same Sex Marriage Returns To New Jersey

Just because a legislative proposal is rejected once doesn’t mean that lawmakers who support its cause won’t bring up the fight again. This is the case for same-sex marriage in New Jersey. A bill to legalize same-sex marriage was defeated in 2009, but a similar proposal will be on the table again this year. According […]


Wrongful Death Case Is Fight For Same Sex Civil Union Laws

Imagine you are enjoying a night out with your spouse or partner, and the unthinkable happens. There’s a terrible accident, and, through no fault of your own, you are injured. Your loved one is killed. While legal action can’t bring your loved one back, perhaps you can at least get help with expenses as a […]


Same Sex Marriage Debate Plays Out In New Jersey Dress Shop

When a woman is planning on buying her wedding dress, it can be an anxiety-evoking ordeal. Sure, there is excitement and joy, but there is also fear and worry. What if no dress fits just right? Will she know the right dress when she tries it on? One worry that no bride should have to […]