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The Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact citizens globally, including New Jersey residents, on a daily basis. During these uncertain times, one thing remains certain: you can still finalize that divorce you have been working toward. While New Jersey courts continue to be closed to the public and adjust to this “new normal,” the courts have […]


What Happens to the Family Home in a New Jersey Divorce?

Going through a divorce is a complicated process, as it requires the division of two people’s lives that were brought together as one. In most cases, this significantly impacts the future of both these parties as well as other family members who are involved. These impacts can be emotional and financial, as it is possible […]


What Do I Need to Know About Non-Marital Agreements?

There are many people in today’s day and age who choose to not get married and simply prefer to live with their partner. However, this arrangement does not provide the same legal benefits that marriage does. It is because of this that there are certain steps that should be taken in order to ensure that […]


What is a Post-Judgment Modification?

During divorce proceedings, a couple is required to settle their marital issues before they can officially go their separate ways. Once these decisions are reached, they must be approved by the judge in order to be considered the law. When they are finalized, they are required to be followed by both former-spouses, otherwise, they can […]


What is Considered Marital Property in a New Jersey Divorce Case?

A significant part of divorce proceedings for a couple is dividing their property between the two of them. In doing so, the property is broken down into two main categories: marital property and separate property. It is important for spouses entering into divorce proceedings to understand these matters, as it can impact their future after […]


What Do I Need to Know About Alimony in New Jersey?

A divorce separates two spouses’ lives from one another. However, a clean break may not be possible for all couples. Sometimes, a household may only have one income. These situations can leave one spouse in an unfair situation without an income of their own if they go through a divorce. It is because of this […]


Why Do I Need an Attorney During a New Jersey Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be a very difficult time in a person’s life. Throughout the proceedings, many marital issues come into question that can change their future. This can include child custody, child support, the division of assets, alimony, and more. These are important matters that should be treated as such and with the […]


What Do I Need to Know About Depositions in a New Jersey Divorce Case?

There are several different parts of divorce proceedings. In addition to many others, these can sometimes include depositions. It is important to be aware of these matters when facing a divorce. To learn more, continue reading and contact an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney for assistance. What is a Deposition? During a deposition, questions are […]


What Should I Avoid Doing During a New Jersey Divorce?

Going through a divorce can not only be time-consuming, but it can be tricky. The future of a person’s marital issues is extremely important, which is why spouses should be sure to not engage in any activity that can jeopardize them. It is because of this that there are a few things individuals going through […]