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How To Take The Finality Out Of A Final Restraining Order

In the state of New Jersey, a Final Restraining Order (FRO) does not have an expiration date. Therefore, if a Court finds that an FRO is warranted, it will never lapse. The protected party will continue to have the protection of the FRO forever, or at least as long as he or she needs that […]


Does The Protection Of My Restraining Order Move With Me

Many people wonder about the level of protection provided by a Restraining Order (temporary or final) if the protected party moves out of the state of New Jersey. In short, a protected party will continue to enjoy the protections of a restraining order even if the party is not in the State. If it is […]


Domestic Violence Erupts In Front Of Divorce Court Judge

Many families in New Jersey and around the country are impacted by domestic violence. Violence is a problem for many families of vastly economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. The violence between a husband and a wife can be so intense that it can erupt anywhere, even in a judge’s chambers. A judge in Florida was […]